About Hidden Hand Tattoo in Seattle, WA

Hidden Hand Tattoo was opened in June of 2007, by Jeff and April Cornell. The plan was to build an environment where the needs and desires of the customer would be provided for while simultaneously providing a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for experienced, top notch artists. Since these humble beginnings, Hidden Hand Tattoo has gone from a beautifully designed fledgling shop, to being a cornerstone of the greater Seattle Tattoo Community.

Our goal at Hidden Hand is for every customer to get the best tattoo that we can give them. Whether its big or small, planned out or spontaneous, we strive for excellence in every piece that walks out the door. We also believe that tattooing is a service and that every customer deserves to be met with friendliness, respect and an open mind. In this way we keep turning new customers into loyal clients.

With artists who specialize and excel in multiple styles of tattooing we are able to serve almost anyone's tattoo needs and the vast majority of the work we do is fully custom, one of a kind pieces of art that are specifically created for each client. Even so, we also keep a wide array of flash and reference material on hand for ideas and inspiration. Whether you are thinking of getting your first tattoo or are trying to figure out how to best turn your collection into a bodysuit, Hidden Hand Tattoo Tattoo is ready and able to take care of your tattoo needs.

At Hidden Hand Tattoo, we also strive to honor and respect the traditions and history of tattooing. With a rich and varied assortment of art, collectibles, books and eye catching oddities, a look into a colorful and often checkered past is provided to offer tribute to this ancient and esoteric art form. We travel frequently to tattoo in other cities, states and countries, ever expanding our own knowledge and experience. We also host guest artists at the shop and continue to grow our extended tattoo family. In these ways, we hope to give back to tattooing and strengthen the industry and the community that has provided us with so much.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you in the shop sometime.

Jeff and April Cornell